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Some more lines

Freshies on the Satteinser Alpe

Last friday and saturday we received about 30-40cm of powder on the good side of the Arlberg. We have been riding and splitboarding with the Steinbocks up the Maroy into the Krachel (aka superbowl) and hiked up to the west. We found some very good snow on top of a harder layer. At the top it was still a bit sharky but especially at around 2000m de snow was blower powder. After that came the survival through the Alders, which was kind of fun as well.

We ended the day hiking up Armeisenspitze, but we had to choose our line very carefully because we didn’t completely thrusted the snowpack. All in all it were some great days.

Eike from snowbrains was riding high and dry on the spines.

Narnia at its best

Timo also enjoyed dreamland.

Chris aka the enjoyer always finds good snow

The end of the day after a hike to the Armeisen spitze, we had to choose our line very well, because of the avalanche danger.


Solid day on Schindler and in the Fingershoots

Today wasn’t a bad day, the sun was out in the morning and we even found some good snow. Somehow I didn’t really expect this, because it has been raining up pretty high. It’s good to have low expectations. I took the camera out for some fun and came back with these pictures. The dude in orange is Timo and I was shot by Timo.

Some fun turns on top of the fingershoot

Timo even got barreled today

Schindler east face had good snow

Couldn’t resist to make this shot, a retro patriol shot.



1 hour drive into winter

Yesterday was a great day to ride with friends, the Steinbocks reunited and found some good snow not so far away. Eike thanks for the passes.

Chris ripping it as usual, didn’t hit a single shark.

Irian doing a warm up run from the hohe mut down

Irian after a very intense line



Patagonia new sponsor

I am proud to start riding and guiding Patagonia outerwear, a company with a true hart and soul. Patagonia makes super functional clothing thats looks tha bomb, lasts forever and has the best lifestyle there is. Keep it minimalistic. It’s a dream coming true to start working together.

Sign up for the free safety clinic in the Patagonia store in Munich and get some awesome deals and make a chance to win a free day of guiding with Timo and me around the Arlberg. Stay updated on my facebook page for more info, or go to the special patagonia facebook page, to see how you can win one of those magic days at the Arlberg.



Russian style ascent Piz Palu

After having a few drinks this week we decided to hike the Piz Palü with a bunch of freaks. The Piz Palü is located in the Swiss Alps and is part of Bernina massive and has 3905 m of altitude. We slept in the van and took the first gondel up in Diavolezza. What an awesome area by the way.

At somewhat 9:15, we started skinning up on the splitboards and Bianca was on the snowshoes, which is a perfect instrument if you want to see the inside of the beautiful crevasses that the Piz Palü has to offer. Lessons learned; if you hike up in glacial terrain with snowshoes, you will find the crevasses much better.

At the base of the peak we made a snowboard-depot and hiked up the last meters on a beautiful Ridge. Then it takes only 20 minutes to go up completely to the top. The ride down had some splendid scenery, but wasn’t very spectacular by any snowboarding means.

My ankle is healing up really well, but the hiking still goes much better then riding. Therefore I will keep on touring the next few days and go to Zinal next week for a photoshoot.




By Fair Means episode 2 on epic.tv

Get yourself ready for another BY FAIR MEANS episode presented bij EpicTV Adventure, made by the one and only biggest hero of all Elmar StrotmannGnarlberg Steinbocks representia!

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